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Live in

Ah, the joy of moving in! You both are head over heels in love and can’t wait to be close to each other. You have dreamt of this – waking up together, watching Netflix together, hogging ice-creams every weekend, and enjoying the physical intimacy. Moving in is a big step for a couple to take, and that’s why there are a few things you and your partner should keep in mind.

Communicate clearly: You already know that communication is the key to a healthy, beautiful relationship. And you might think this won’t change when you move in. However, moving in is a new phase and brings with it the challenge of communicating better. Firstly, make sure both of you are in sync in terms of what you expect out of this. Is it a test run? Is it a final step before marriage? Or is it merely to be closer for physical intimacy? Do not assume. Talk to your partner and state your expectations clearly. Since you’ll be living with someone together in the same house, know each other’s habits, divide the daily chores, decide how you’ll split the expenses, and so on.

Build your home together: Imagine moving in with your partner and then realizing that you both own a TV, a fridge, a washing machine, and a kitchen set. Well, you’ll end up having two of each! And it’ll make the house cluttered. You’re both going to share the house, so it’s better that you sit and discuss how you want to set it up. From the color of the walls to having your own space, list out everything that you’re going to do and then do it together.

Discuss instead of arguing: Get it clear, you’re going to have a lot of fights! No, don’t be scared! Instead, be patient. Learn to adjust to the new phase and your partner. Have constructive discussions that’ll help you both strengthen your bond and not ruin it. Do not speak or do anything in a fit of rage. Instead, take time out and discuss it calmly. Try to figure out what caused the fights and how it can be avoided in future. After all, you’re going to live with each other, and living with tension in the house is not what any of you signed up for.

Keep the romance alive: Yes, keep the flame burning. While moving in and setting up the house, you may forget why you moved in. Write love notes, go out on dates, cook their favorite dish, and have some physical intimacy. Now, coming to physical intimacy, make sure you do talk about it. Even though you are together and have enjoyed sex before with each other, do not assume that your partner is down with it whenever you have the desire. Remember, consent is essential. Talk about it every off and on, and you’ll come to know your partner even better! And yeah, do not forget to use a condom every time you’re in the act. Condoms protect you from those nasty STIs and STDs. There are many varieties of condoms available, and you can buy them from a medical shop without a prescription.

Have your personal space: While moving in is a blessing and brings both of you closer, do not lose your own identity. Talk to your family, meet with your friends, pursue your hobbies, and grow yourself as an individual. Encourage your partner to do as well. Both of you fell in love with each other’s personality. So, please don’t lose it.

Moving in with your partner is a beautiful experience. It helps you to know them better, build a rapport, balance responsibilities, and spice up your love life. So, when you and your partner have discussed and decided to move in, go ahead.

Stay safe, play safe! Until next time.