Sexual Health

Getting Tested

If you’re having sex, then you should know your status.

Knowing your status is the only way to have a clear idea of where you stand. You can’t tell if you or someone else is HIV positive by the way they look or the way you feel. Someone can have HIV and not show any signs or symptoms for years.

In India, over 2.08 million people live with HIV/AIDS. This is not meant to scare you, it’s just highlighting the need for us all to STAY WOKE and find out our status.

If you find out that you’re HIV negative then you can clear up any doubts you may have had, and keep living your (safe sex) life as before. If you test positive, then lots of information and advice out there can help you access the treatment you need.

Having an HIV test, regardless of the result, will help clear away the clouds of doubt. Knowing your status is the only way to live your life the way you should. Whether that’s getting the treatment you require or wearing condoms when getting down, establishing your status is a certified way of living your life right.