Sexual Health

Family Planning (Child Spacing)

Having kids is a huge responsibility. It starts a new phase in your and your partner’s life and brings a change in the lifestyles. Deciding whether, when, and how many children you want to have is a careful decision and a right in itself. Do not rush into it if you or your partner are not prepared for it.

You can always go for birth control options while you’re deciding. There are many options available for birth control. You can choose whichever suits you. But do check with your doctor before going for them.

  • Birth control pills: Commonly known as ‘the pill’. Can be taken every day to prevent pregnancy.

  • Saheli: Another pill that you can take twice a week for the first 3 months and then once per week.

  • Emergency contraceptive pills: Commonly known as morning-after pills or e-pills, you have to take them preferably within 24 hours of having unprotected sex. Notice the ‘emergency’ in its name? It’s exactly for the same purpose and is not to be taken as regular pills.

  • Condoms: Your friendly protector! Saves you from those nasty STIs and STDs along with unplanned pregnancy. Psst, wear it every time!

  • IUD: Small ‘T’ shaped device that’s placed inside the uterus and is highly effective. You can take it out whenever you decide to get pregnant.

  • Vasectomy: A surgical procedure for men where the tubes that carry the sperm are closed or blocked. They are quick and effective.

  • Tubectomy: A surgical procedure for women where the tubes through which the egg moves are closed or blocked. They’re effective, convenient, and do not affect your hormones.

  • Birth control injection: A hormone shot that prevents pregnancy. You can take it every three months.

  • Withdrawal: When a guy pulls out his penis before cumming inside the vagina. This is still not a safe option considering pre-cum can carry sperm from previous ejaculations.

  • Not having sex and Outercourse: Simply put, you don’t have intercourse but enjoy other sexual plays that do not lead to pregnancy.

  • Other methods can include birth control implants and vaginal patches.

Family planning can help you space your next kid and prepare your body for the next delivery. Your body has to regain all the nutrients and blood it lost during labour and needs time for this. Back to back pregnancies can take a toll on your body. You’ll also be able to decide how many kids you want to have, be able to take proper care, take part in activities outside the house, and it will be easier for you and your partner to raise kids. For the kids, proper spacing will lead to better health and a safer future. And if the parents and the kids are happy, well that’s a happy family for you! 🙂

Having a kid will be one of the best moments of life! Each day looking at him or her grow will become a memory that you’ll cherish forever. Make sure you and your partner plan it right.