Will masturbation make me infertile? Will it decrease my sperm count?

Masturbation is not a bad thing to do. Yes, people say it is and judge you as well, but my friend, it is not. Now coming to your question, will it make you fertile and decrease your sperm count? Well, the answer is ‘No’. Masturbating, in fact, can help you relieve stress, lift your mood up, and keep you healthy.

As long as a man has healthy sexual organs, sperms will be produced regardless of him masturbating or not. In fact, for guys, it is a good practice to masturbate once in a while to keep the semen flowing and dispose of, the old ones that have been hanging around to give way to the newer ones!

Just a friendly advice, don’t let masturbation come in the way of your daily routine. It can become an addiction and like all other addictions, it can be cured.  

Be Smart, Play safe!