Why do some guys refuse to wear condoms?

There are many excuses that guys use for refusing to wear condoms. The BIG one is that they think condoms affect the feeling. ICYMI, with the range of different condoms available now, this definitely doesn’t have to be true!

Another common excuse is that putting on a condom kills the mood, or that it makes them lose their erection. But think about it like this for a sec … if someone was knocking on the door when you were about to have sex, and a guy had to get up to answer it, they’d step out of the moment and probably lose their erection. Having to put on a condom when you just want to go in, can have the same effect. The best way to avoid this is to include putting on a condom as part of foreplay, so that it’s not an after-thought. Regardless of his reason for not wanting to wear a condom, if he doesn’t value and respect you (or himself) enough to put on a condom to keep you both safe, is he really someone you want to have sex with?