Is oral sex harmful to me and my partner? Are there any side-effects?

Oral sex is stimulating the clitoris and vagina of a woman, and the penis of a man, with one’s hands, tongue or lips. It is a popular form of foreplay and is mostly harmless. However, unprotected sex exposes you and your partner to the risk of herpes, syphilis, and other STIs and STDs. Also, following the basic practices of cleanliness is advised. Whenever you or your partner is going down south, it is best to use a condom for protection. There are many variants available in the market and can be purchased from the medical shop easily.

There are many myths surrounding oral sex like it can cause pregnancy, swallowing semen is harmful, it is unhygienic, and it is safe even when condoms aren’t used. Take note folks, all these are myths. Oral sex is a healthy way to explore intimacy between you and your partner. Just don’t forget to maintain cleanliness and always use a condom – even during oral sex!