I get orgasms very quickly even before my boyfriend does. I have heard girls get it late. Is it a disorder that I have?

You’ve heard it right that women take time to achieve the orgasm and it’s normal. Most women don’t achieve climax even during intercourse. And some achieve it quite early in the act. It is not a disorder you have. So don’t worry my friend. 

Premature orgasm has been found in women and it comes from over-stimulation of the clitoris. Don’t panic! There are many ways in which women can get orgasm. Vaginal intercourse is just one of them. Oral sex, fingering, and even rubbing around the G-spot can arouse her enough to achieve an orgasm. Talk to your partner about the various ways you could explore achieving orgasm. Maybe the way you’ve engaged with each other gets you aroused too quickly. Experiment and communicate with your partner about it. After all, timing is everything and pleasure is the motive!