How do I know I am ready for sex?

Here’s a simple thought experiment: imagine having sex – for real. How did that make you feel? If it made you happy and excited, congratulations, you are ready. If it made you uncomfortable and grossed out, you need time.

That is all it takes to find out – a few simple questions at the thought of you having sex. These include:

  • Do you really want to have sex or are you being pressured to do it
  • How do you feel towards that person and whether you are comfortable being so intimate with him or her
  • Does it affect your life or career goals and how

If the answer to all these questions is satisfactory, feel free to go ahead. Remember that sex is not a fad – don’t get into it just because others are. Better to feel left out than to regret it later. And if you do decide to have sex, do make protection a part of it.