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MTV Staying Alive foundation in partnership with USAID, ShopsPlus and Johnson & Johnson is launching their all new radio show – MTV NishedhLive Presents The Radio Show. This is an exciting and much needed campaign for young people across India, tackling every burning question that we are usually too afraid to talk about. That’s where “Nishedh” comes from, a word that means “taboo” and covers a wide variety of topics – Love, dating, sexual health and awareness, relationships, intimacy, understanding responsibility, negotiating contraception or even consent!

The youth of India are curious, willing to learn, work hard and they dream of achieving great things

India’s population is rising and the country is progressing. The youth of India are curious, willing to learn, work hard and they dream of achieving great things. They seek answers to the problems that are taboo to discuss, and we believe that we can empower them with the tools that will help them make better decisions about their lives and health.

The Radio Show with Megha on RED FM will air early October and will also be available right here on the NishedhLive website. The radio series is a drama that follows the life of RJ Megha, as she tries to find answers to problems in her personal life as well as her listeners. She often seeks advice from experts – doctors or health professionals, and other people who’ve been through similar journeys and sometimes dips into her personal connects for inspiration.

Tomorrow we will be kicking off the campaign with an exclusive launch event featuring amazing panellists such as Comedian and Writer Mallika Dua, alongside our experts in public health.

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