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Hi! We’re back! For those who don’t know us, we’re MTV Nishedh Live and we are a platform where you can talk about sexual and reproductive health (SRH). Wait, isn’t that a taboo? It is and that’s why we are breaking it. 


As we see it, we’re not a platform. We’re like a friend. In our company you’ll get the answers you need. Just like you have doubts and questions, so do many others. So, tell your friend to tell their friend about us. It will change your and their life! Ask questions. Get answers. Know better. 


And did we tell you, we also have a radio show? The Radio Show with Megha, where she’ll be talking about SRH with her friends, colleagues, and experts who would be joining her to share their ‘gyan’. You should check out her episodes here, she’s quite a lovely new RJ (and very friendly, we must say) and it’s her first show! 


Before someone says, ‘Kaise kaise dost hain iske’, let us tell you the cool stuff we’re going to do! 


We’ll talk to you about safe sex (and a lot more)…

Here we don’t judge and we don’t preach. You can ask whatever you want to know and we’ll answer. Be it the pads to use or reversible vasectomy, we’ll answer them all! With a comprehensive list of questions that the youth commonly asks, you’ll know how to put forward your opinion without putting yourself or your partner in an awkward situation. 


… and tuberculosis (TB).

Did you know that tuberculosis or TB is treatable? If you did, bet you don’t know when a person should go for the treatment. Like SRH, we don’t talk freely about TB. And hence, all that’s out there is incomplete knowledge. No more! Here, you’ll stay updated on TB and related topics, with clear and simplified information. 


We’ll tell you all the stuff in detail…

Yes! Not just questions, we also have a help section where you can find detailed explanations on topics ranging from sexual identity to stealthing and family planning to menstrual hygiene. Don’t be surprised if ‘Know-It-All’ becomes your nickname!


… and you’ll learn the art of busting myths! 

‘A condom can be used twice.’ A lot of people have said this. And a lot of people are wrong. Very wrong. Don’t worry, we are not one of them! We bring to you credible information that has been simplified for easier understanding. Sahi baat, no bakwas! 

By the way, condoms are not reusable! 


You’ll be a well-informed person

Right from the first period to child spacing, we’ve got it covered for you. You’ll be well-read and most importantly, my friend, a responsible individual not just for yourself but also for your partner and together maintain a healthy sexual life. 


… and lastly, inspire others as well.

Like you, the youth also has questions and doubts. We’d like to be BFFs with them as well! So we encourage them to ask us questions and we’ll give them the right answers. We respect their privacy and they can be assured it’ll remain between us. Promise! 


So, bring your gang along and tell them that it’s time to break the shackles of ignorance and begin talking about SRH. It matters to all of us. No more incognito. No more hush-hush conversations. Just bookmark us and we’ll be there! 

Until next time 🙂


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