5 Reasons Why You’ll be Hooked to MTV Nishedh Live


Remember the time when you wanted to talk about safe sex with your date but ended up talking about the latest film instead?

Yeah, we’ve all been there!

Well you can finally breathe a sigh of relief, no longer will you have to fumble your way through awkward dates or spend hours searching on private browsers for info about taboo issues. Because MTV Nishedh Live is going to become your go-to place. We don’t call a condom, an umbrella (thank us later)! We keep 100, we keep it real.

So grab a friend along for the ride and dive in!

(Psst… if they’re not convinced, here are 5 reasons to convince them)


First of all, no more incognito sessions…

Yeah, that’s right!

Whatever you want to know, whenever you want to know, we’ll talk about it with you. No judgments, only free speech. Visit us at http://www.mtvnishedhlive.com/ because we don’t go incognito and neither will you!

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… and no more preachy jargon! 

We won’t bore you with jargon and complex terms. We have created the content keeping in mind the KISS: Keeping It Simple, Silly! You wouldn’t be reading long super boring pieces of content. Instead, the content has been written in the simplest of terms without skipping the important details.

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We know (and understand) what you search…

…and what your partner searches!

That’s why we have kept a comprehensive list of questions with answers here. From the most common ones asked to the ones we want to ask but just don’t, from safe sex to child spacing, and more.

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We’re your safe space…

Here you can talk about all those things that remained hushed or you didn’t get the right time to talk about it with your partner. We understand! That’s why we want to encourage you, your friends, your partner, your colleagues to talk freely and openly about SRH and TB and stay informed. Psst, don’t forget to follow our social handles!

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…and your 2 am friend.

‘I’ll be there for you!’

You can reach out to us anytime and we’ll pick up. Or you can just send us whatever you want to talk about and we’ll get back to you. Rest assured, we will be there for you whenever you’ll need us!

MTV has been known as the frontrunner on youth shows and content that are not only fun to watch but also drive home strong messages. And we, MTV Nishedh Live, are no exception. With youth as our focus and a friendly tone that will resonate with them, we’ll help you and the youth in adopting the behaviors of a safe life! 

So, what are you waiting for? Bookmark us! Tell your friends, colleagues, date, and partner about us. And confidently talk about SRH for you know you’re getting solid information!

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